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Spiritual Coaching

Learn, develop and improve your skills with us

We deliver the

Diploma in Spiritual Coaching & Caregiving (CFI L3)

Pioneering and unique vocational qualification

For all faiths and none

Inclusive    Diverse   Holistic

It is increasingly recognised that spirituality can be vital for health and wellbeing.
Our Ofqual registered vocational qualification is the only UK course of its kind.

It is designed for people of all faiths and none, and is relevant to anyone seeking to integrate spiritual care and coaching into their personal lives, and professional or voluntary work.

We are a UK educational charity and a regulated centre for delivering this qualification. Your learning journey on the course will be with open-hearted and open-minded colleagues supported by highly experienced tutors.

You will develop and improve your skills so that in a companionable, appropriate and compassionate way you can support your clients in clarifying and enabling:

  • Their own personal understanding of spirituality.
  • How to connect with life’s wonder and energy.
  • The inner meaning and purpose of their life’s journey.
  • Essential and appropriate strategies for developing and deepening their spiritual approach.
  • The crucial connection between their spirituality and their health and wellbeing.
  • An inclusive and holistic approach to faith, spirituality and religious cultures.

You will also learn  how to identify, support and refer when you are working with someone in spiritual crisis.

The course is experiential and conceptual. Students’ assignments are centred on their personal spiritual and reflective practice, giving students a first-hand experience of the benefits of nourishing their own spiritual health.

An Example of Our Approach:
How to Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Professional and Personal Benefits of the Diploma in Spiritual Coaching & Caregiving

  • Improved skills and service.
  • Relevant and meaningful qualification.
  • Increased ability to support your clients, service users, patients, colleagues, friends and family .
  • Improve your own spiritual health and wellbeing.
  • Strengthen your own benevolent presence in a troubled world.
  • Explore and deepen your own experience.

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Hear from previous graduates . . .

“My job as Chief Executive of a registered charity can be pretty stressful at times. Since learning the SC approach I have been able to take better care of myself so that the stress has a less detrimental effect on my health and wellbeing. I can now find moments of calm when under pressure. This in turn helps my family as they don’t have to duck as often! My colleagues have also noted the difference.”

Sue Knight
CEO UK Charity

“I’d been involved with a lot of spirituality, self-development, mental and physical health over several decades, but was in a lot of physical pain, and was very hard on myself. Now I get to find out how and who I am daily, and able to care for myself and others whole-heartedly. I’m more flexible, present in challenging circumstances, caring and compassionate with others, loving and fun.”

Willa King

“Before the course I had done lots of personal development, therapy and awareness work, but on some level life was still an effort and I was living in tension. Through the teaching of simple and accessible meditation practices the course helped me to become more grounded, more kind, more loving — more me, more of the time. It helped me to establish a daily spiritual practice of my own which I’d never really managed to do before and I learned the value and joy of service and just being kind to people.”

Pete Brown
IT Project Manager

Compassion Dialogues

The Compassion Dialogues is our podcast and live streamed sessions, hosted by our Director, William Bloom.

In the sessions we meet influential activists, authors and leaders in contemporary spirituality.

These conversations are enquiring and personal, relating to the topic and presenter in a deeply humane and relevant way.

We want to find out what energises these people, what motivates and inspires them – and then explore their public work.

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