Spiritual Health for Everyone

Connecting with the wonder, energy and good things of life
Growing in love and consciousness
Caring with compassion and being of service

Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness
pioneering and unique qualification

Ofqual Register: Crossfields Institute Level 3
Qual No: 601/8673/2 Sector Subject Area: Health and Social Care 


March 2020 start
with Andrea Klein




September 2021 start
with Martine Moorby




September 2020 start
with Sarah Jane
Williamson &
William Bloom


Lammas, Pembrokeshire

January 2021 start
with Hoppi Wimbush



Findhorn College

October 2020 start
with John Abdey &
Izzy Valenti



Spirituality & Mental Health —
Understanding Extreme Spiritual States & How to Care for Them

 The purpose of this booklet is to help the reader better understand extreme spiritual states. It is written for people experiencing those states and also for their companions and carers. Our goal is to reassure, create safety and enable positive outcomes. We have consulted with user groups and clinicians. We also have our own personal experience of these states. This comes from supporting others and from navigating our own challenges. This booklet asserts that to understand and interpret extreme or unusual spiritual states, it is necessary to be culturally inclusive. It is also necessary to appreciate both the psychological and the spiritual dynamics. Download and more information

Meditation Masterclass —
Handbook for Teachers & Practitioners

Meditation Masterclass is a radical and inspiring person-centred approach. It asserts that meditation is a natural human activity and not a special or difficult practice belonging to a particular spiritual or psychological tradition.
To seek quiet and solitude is a natural human behaviour. It is also totally natural to connect with the oneness of life; to be watchful and compassionate; to explore consciousness and meaning. Meditation Masterclass describes and explains the essential jewels of all meditation traditions; and how they are hugely beneficial for our physical health and general wellbeing. For more information and to purchase

Your Spiritual Health Programme 

your spiritual health prog front coverSpiritual health is an essential part of everyday life – like exercise and diet.
We invite everyone to embark on a practical, accessible, spiritual health programme.
Enjoy how to sustain a nourishing connection to the wonder and energy of life, to connect with others and be of service.

Your Spiritual Health Programme has a straightforward approach, grounded in good science, which you can use to boost your emotional wellbeing and improve your physical and mental health. We launched the programme nationally in Spring 2019.

Meanwhile, download, for free, the user-friendly, 40 page booklet


Watch our inspiring and beautiful  video in which we see how six very different people make their spiritual connection.

Public Events

Spiritual Companions offer courses, workshops, presentations and much more around the UK.

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Support & Advice

Do you have a question about your spiritual path? Would you like to connect with a local Spiritual Companion or group? We welcome enquiries and invite you to contact us or perhaps you would like to find a Spiritual Companion?.

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A group of Spiritual Companions have a private access visit to Stonehenge.

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We are producing videos to support our students and our work. They will give you a taste of our approach.

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There are many benefits to becoming a Spiritual Companion – for you and the community you serve.

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We develop and provide resources and training for organisations and communities.

We support people in developing their own mature and autonomous approach to spirituality and self-development. We deliver a UK/EU recognised qualification, the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness. We support organisations develop good practice in spirituality and wellbeing.


We provide a network and community for our members — friendship, ongoing support, events and continuing personal, professional and spiritual development.

Multi Faith Globe


As individuals and as a community we believe in the profound benefits of spirituality for personal and social wellbeing.

We therefore support people informally and formally on their spiritual journeys in one-to-one and group situations; and we also provide organisational support and trainings.

Your Spiritual Health Programme

your spiritual health prog front coverYour Spiritual Health Programme. This is a straightforward approach, grounded in good science, which anyone can use to boost their emotional wellbeing, improve their physical and mental health and connect to the good things in life. It is a forty page A4 booklet with many enjoyable exercises.

Martine Moorby“When I was ready to take my next steps as an educator, I searched to develop in an environment that felt intellectually sound, emotionally literate, psychologically safe and spiritually inspiring. Spiritual Companion training is all of that: practical, mindful, expansive, inclusive, supportive and rigorous. It continues to inform how I am in my work and in my life generally.”

Martine Moorby / Spiritual Companions Educator

Grant from Romeera Foundation

We are grateful to the Romeera foundation for its support of Your Spiritual Health Programme


Grant to Make Video and Digital Resources

Spiritual Companions officeWe are delighted to announce receiving a grant from Awards for All to develop video and digital resources for our Everyone Cares programme.

The photograph shows Denise Michell, Mayor of Glastonbury, with Diana Brown and William Bloom in the Spiritual Companions office.


First Spiritual Care Conference

Spiritual Companion ConferenceFrom the Archives:
The first Spiritual Care Conference, organised and hosted by the Spiritual Companions Trust, took place 17-19 May 2013.

In the picture left to right: Julie Roberts, David MacGeoch, Sister Jayanti, William Bloom, Sarah Jane Williamson.