When your spiritual connection vanishes

by Amy Morrison - June 2024

Recently, I have been in what I can only call a “connection funk”, my spiritual connection feels like it has vanished.

Every evening, I put my son to bed and then come downstairs to lie down on the lounge floor and stretch my neck on my neck wedge, using this time to connect with myself and Spirit.

Usually, it only takes a few minutes and I go into the zone and connect with relative ease. I feel my body relax, a slight tingling sensation may run down my spine and then I feel like I am ‘plugged in’ and charging. I find that my anxieties melt and I fill with joy and bliss. I can have wonderfully profound experiences in this time. Yet in this past week I lie down and all I seem to get is emptiness, it feels like my spiritual connection has vanished. My body feels heavy. My mind may drift and think about other things. I start to clock watch. I start to notice tiny little niggling pains in my body. It may sound a bit depressing, but it’s been weirdly interesting to just be with my body for a while. Almost enjoyable.

Don’t get me wrong. My sense of connection does still come in small waves and moments. But it’s always fleeting. So, I thought I would share with you how I am coping with my funk and what I intend to do about it.

1) Not that much and not worry about it
I truly believe that our spiritual connection grows stronger or weaker for a reason, and so this funk is perfectly timed and needed. Maybe I’ve come close to spiritual overwhelm or I just have a lot on at the moment. Maybe my soul is telling me to focus on my body or things in the physical realm more. I don’t know what it is but I do know that beating myself up for not connecting, feeling overly sad about it or trying to predict when it might end won’t help. It could just be a day blip. It could be what I will experience for a few months. I just need to ride through it.

2) Try something different
I have mainly been connecting in the same way recently, due to time pressures and ease. So, I will try doing slightly different things. Either completely new to me or things I haven’t done in a while. It could be joining a group meditation, going out into nature, a sound bath, a reiki session or some of the ideas below.

3) Incorporate movement
It may be that I actually need to get the energy moving within my body. I could do this by going for a walk, doing some exercise, stretching, having a swim or dancing around to some music. This may connect me directly or just help me connect when I come to lying down in the evening. And even if it doesn’t, it will be fun.

4) Sing
I don’t know how many people do this, but I assume that most people who enjoy singing can relate. When I sing, I feel I can connect directly to whatever is going on in myself. Everything just seems to flow. When I talk, however, I often struggle to find the words. I feel slow and clumsy. I don’t have to overly think about it or work out what my words will be, they just come. Even singing along with others’ music helps me to express things I would otherwise find difficult. I’ve often found singing can help me shift my energy and support me through spiritual or mental funks.

5) Meet my basic needs for good health
Though I’m not feeling depressed about my funk right now, it does sometimes get me down. So, to keep myself healthy and ride through this with as much grace and ease as I can muster, I will make sure that I am sleeping enough, eating well (not too much, not too little, whatever really feels right for me), drinking enough water and that I am getting the right amount of time with other people. It might be that I need to distance myself from others a little to recharge, it may be that I need to be with others to heighten my energy.

6) Laugh
I probably don’t need to write that much about this, but I find ways to laugh as much as I can. Be that a funny book, some stand-up comedy, a film or having fun with my family or friends.

7) Not over committing
During these times I know that I need to go a bit slower in all aspects of my life. That means not picking up extra shifts at work, not saying Yes to two social engagements in one day, not having something planned every day of the week and not starting a new project – be that personal or work related.


What ways do you get over your ‘funks’? Do any of my ways resonate with you? Or do you completely disagree with any of them? Let me know in the comments below.

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