Find out what some of our Spiritual Companions have to say about our work:

I feel very passionate about the Spiritual Companions project. The first time I saw the phrase, around 7 years ago, I just knew I had to get involved with it. Of all my qualifications, it’s the one of which I’m most proud. Its guidelines signpost a way to be an open, compassionate, loving human being in the twenty-first century.
Chrissy Holmes, Spiritual Companion

I found the Spiritual Companions course in England to have a really broad and deep understanding of today’s spirituality. It clarifies the new approach towards spirituality, that I sensed was emerging everywhere. Now I’m really happy to be able to use this holistic approach in my home country, Finland.
Tapani Heinonen, Spiritual Companion

Thank you for your kindness, genuine interest and generosity with your time. For me, the Spiritual Companions course delivered everything I hoped for: gentle nudges, support, community and a space to simply be. I feel deeply grateful for that.
Andrea Klein, Spiritual Companion

I’ve been wanting to say thank you again. What you do seems so NOW, so needed and right for this time and many of us. Your talent for leading with intuition and compassion without prescribing or becoming the authority is remarkable. I feel more firmly grounded and embedded in my spiritual practice now with a deeper, dependable sense of connection. I know the weekends, your setting them up and leading them and the companionship of everyone have given that to me.
Lindie White, Spiritual Companion

I thought I would find the Spiritual Companions course at least useful to fill in some gaps, but it so much exceeded my expectations. it was wonderful to meet the tutors and co-participants on such a real level which called for my own genuine participation rather than coasting as an onlooker. I hugely value the whole experience still a few years on and am very grateful for the opportunity to have attended, grown myself and having more to offer the people I come into contact with as a result.
Debbie House, Spiritual Companion

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A group of our graduates have a private access visit to Stonehenge.

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