Secrets of Spiritual Health and Happiness

An Introductory Course

Recorded and Live


Connection   Compassion   Consciousness

Spiritual health is an inner experience of strength, optimism and peace that comes from connection, compassion and consciousness.

This then fuels your physical and mental wellbeing.

The Secrets of Spiritual Health & Happiness programme takes you through a series of enjoyable, accessible and practical exercises. They are based in excellent science as well as in strategies found at the heart of good spiritual practice. They connect you with positive energy. Feeling bad? They will help you feel better. Feeling good? They will help you feel even better!

Guide yourself using our free online resources or join us for a guided course. Guided courses are run by our educators through their own businesses, if a course is running it will be detailed at the bottom of this page. 

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Background to Our Secrets of Spiritual Health & Happiness Programme

At the heart of all religions and spiritualities is a universal experience that delivers connection, compassion and profound wellbeing.

How to achieve this deep state of spiritual happiness was always known by the world’s few mystics and hidden from the public. In this course the universality of their method is revealed and made accessible.

Based in pioneering research this approach demonstrates how anyone can achieve and maintain this experience. It is user-friendly, holistic, inclusive, person-centred, multi-faith, open-hearted and open-minded. It works for people of all faiths and none. It is also validated by contemporary medicine and psychology. 

A group of educators in the Spiritual Companions Trust, led by William Bloom, carefully developed this programme over the last decade. The history of its development includes many trainings in the NHS and hospice environment, as well as public workshops.  

Following the programme

  • You will know the practices so that you can be permanently connected to the wonder, energy and love that permeate the universe.
  • Your heart will be more compassionate, open and warm.
  • Your consciousness will be more awake and wise.
  • You will experience a deeper inner peace, integrity and contentment
  • You will be a more grounded, centred, flexible human being with an attitude of goodness, compassion and care that benefits everyone around you.
  • You will still experience life’s ups and downs, but you will have the resources to manage them with calm, confidence and strength.

The exercises can be summarised as

  • Identify the positive triggers, circumstances and gateways that most easily create your spiritual connection.
  • Using easy mind-body strategies, experience and develop your spiritual connection
  • Clarify your own language and understanding.
  • Amplify, anchor and embed your experience, appreciating how it supports physical and mental wellbeing.
  • Set in motion compassionate and wise care towards yourself.
  • Step back into an attitude of mindful self-guidance and responsibility.
  • Appreciate that your whole life is a spiritual journey in which every moment is an opportunity to grow and develop love and mindfulness.
  • Be comfortable with unknowing.
  • Clarify and commit to your highest ideals and ethics.
  • Compassionately empathise with the realities of suffering.
  • Practice silent whole-body listening with family, friends, colleagues and strangers.
  • Be a stable and benevolent presence in all situations and circumstances.

All of the above integrated into your daily life.

Throughout each step of the process learners are supported in finding their own best way of practising. Our philosophy is to enable and empower independent adults.

Secrets of Spiritual Health & Happiness

Live Course with Martine Moorby 

Online Starting Wednesday 28 February

Our very experienced educator, Martine Moorby, will be delivering the Secrets of Spiritual Health & Happiness course online starting Wednesday 28 February.

For more information click here

I like SC for their open minded views, simple and clear explanation of complex topics, ability to provide non-judgemental and caring space in challenging situations. Their publications are very practical and useful.

Nik Sova

Police & Court Interpreter

I have really appreciated the SCs down to earth approach.  I feel more centred, grounded, connected, loving and compassionate.  I am aware of how this has also enabled me to be of greater support to others in my work and at home.

Zoe Salveson


It has improved my awareness of the need to care for my own state of mind as a prerequisite for working with others if I wish to be part of creating a safe environment for all to contribute their feelings, insights and ideas.

Kitty Lloyd Lawrence

Art Teacher, Community Activist, Charity Trustee

Thank you so very much for the grounding, inspirational and healing course! I have been feeling ‘stuck’ for quite some time, and I now feel much more centred and focused.

Richard Napper

Spiritual Companions have a uniquely inclusive and disciplined approach to spiritual practice, health and wellbeing, which enables people to grow in their own way, to feel supported and guided when they need it, to share experiences and questions on spirituality, health and wellbeing in an open, empathic and respectful setting.

Sarah Haworth

Has anything improved in your self-care as a result of this course? — Yes, I consciously bring to mind my connection to spirit much more frequently, especially on waking and retiring. I’m more aware of soaking in spirit, and that the universe is benevolent. I feel more trust in my own spiritual connection, as though the neural pathways are indeed being grooved.

Susan Mashkes
Psychotherapist and Interfaith Minister