Spirituality & Mental Health

Understanding Extreme Spiritual States & How to Care for Them

The purpose of this free booklet is to help the reader better understand extreme spiritual states.  It is for people who may experience those states and also for their companions and carers.  It covers how to distinguish a ‘spiritual emergency’ from a mental illness; what may cause these states; how best to care for them.

Our purpose is to reassure, create safety and enable positive outcomes.

– Overview
– The Dynamics of Spiritual Emergency: Presence & Energy; Spirits; The Path; Meaning; Belonging; Identity
– The Unconscious
– Extreme Spiritual Behaviours
– Emergence or Emergency?
– Care & Intervention
– Resources

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Meditation Masterclass

Handbook for Teachers and Practitioners
Essential knowledge and kills

– Who ‘invented’ meditation?
– Core State of Meditation
– Frequently Asked Questions
– When, how long – Health benefits – Psychological risks
– Gateways into Meditation
– Managing Challenges
– Practical strategies – Discernment
– Teach and Lead
– Preparation – Empathic resonance – Tone of voice
– Checklists
– Daily practice – Revision

40 pages

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Meditation Masterclass cover

Compassion Dialogues

The Compassion Dialogues is our podcast and live streamed sessions, hosted by our Director, William Bloom.

In the sessions we meet influential activists, authors and leaders in contemporary spirituality.

These conversations are enquiring and personal, relating to the topic and presenter in a deeply humane and relevant way.

We want to find out what energises these people, what motivates and inspires them – and then explore their public work.

I like SC for their open minded views, simple and clear explanation of complex topics, ability to provide non-judgemental and caring space in challenging situations. Their publications are very practical and useful.

Nik Sova

Police & Court Interpreter

I have really appreciated the SCs down to earth approach.  I feel more centred, grounded, connected, loving and compassionate.  I am aware of how this has also enabled me to be of greater support to others in my work and at home.

Zoe Salveson


It has improved my awareness of the need to care for my own state of mind as a prerequisite for working with others if I wish to be part of creating a safe environment for all to contribute their feelings, insights and ideas.

Kitty Lloyd Lawrence

Art Teacher, Community Activist, Charity Trustee

Thank you so very much for the grounding, inspirational and healing course! I have been feeling ‘stuck’ for quite some time, and I now feel much more centred and focused.

Richard Napper

Spiritual Companions have a uniquely inclusive and disciplined approach to spiritual practice, health and wellbeing, which enables people to grow in their own way, to feel supported and guided when they need it, to share experiences and questions on spirituality, health and wellbeing in an open, empathic and respectful setting.

Sarah Haworth

Has anything improved in your self-care as a result of this course? — Yes, I consciously bring to mind my connection to spirit much more frequently, especially on waking and retiring. I’m more aware of soaking in spirit, and that the universe is benevolent. I feel more trust in my own spiritual connection, as though the neural pathways are indeed being grooved.

Susan Mashkes
Psychotherapist and Interfaith Minister