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A. Representation

  1. Stats on size of spiritual not religious (SNR) community in UK.
  2. Bodies and organisations where faith communities have a seat/are represented.
  3. Process of achieving representation on these bodies.
  4. UK Register of Spiritual Caregivers – other Registers where it should be registered/aligned. How to achieve this.


B. Education


  1. Religious Education, Citizenship and Social & Personal Health Education
  2. Differences between England, Scotland and Wales. The legislation.
  3. Who sets the curriculum?
  4. Are there central resources and lesson plans? How do they vary for key stages?
  5. How do we best influence, support and create relevant resources?


CPD and HE Resources

  1. Identify the courses, qualifications and careers where SC approach would be appropriate and supportive.
  2. Identify best routes for delivering our approach. Commissioners. Partnerships. Standalone CPD.


C. Community Building

  1. Models of good practice.
  2. Possible partners. Other congruent networks.


D. Outreach 

  1. Best website models.
  2. Podcast development.
  3. Social networking models of good practice.


E. Fundraising

  1. Identify relevant grant-making foundations etc