UK Register of Spiritual Caregivers

There is a substantial and growing community of our population that identifies as spiritual-not-religious and requires appropriate support in healthcare, education and other relevant circumstances. 

The UKRSC is a register of volunteers and professionals who provide this compassionate care.

Our members are service and community oriented and have a deep respect for all faiths. Our approach is holistic and person-centred.

Our commitment is to:

  • Listen with compassion, discretion and respect
  • Be calm, centred and kind in challenging circumstances
  • Take quiet time for grace, healing and guidance
  • Value every individual’s spirituality
  • Cooperate with other support agencies
  • Respect the unique provision of traditional faith communities

The UK Register of Spiritual Caregivers  is hosted by the Spiritual Companions Trust, which administers the Register and maintains its Code of Conduct

The Register recognises qualifications from caring sectors, including counselling, psychotherapy, nursing, medicine, spiritual healing and our own qualification the Diploma in Practical Spirituality & Wellness.  (We require a Level 3 Listening Skills qualification or its equivalent.)

Benefits to Members

Your professional and volunteering opportunities are enhanced by your listing on the Register. Your name on the Register signifies to others that you are:

  • Committed to the highest standards of compassionate listening
  • Competent, kind and trustworthy
  • Aligned with an approach that is spiritual but not religious

You will also have access to regular CPD events including:

  • Developing daily spiritual practice and its health benefits
  • How to Teach and Lead Meditation
  • Spirituality and Mental Health