CFI Level 3 Diploma in Spiritual Coaching & Caregiving

Diploma in Spiritual Coaching and Caregiving
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  • You must be over 18 years old.
  • You need a good level of English.
  • Tech: you must have access to a computer or tablet, have internet access, have a working microphone and camera, be in a private space without intrusions, be comfortable in breakout rooms, able to upload documents.
  • There are no formal academic requirements, but in the Application Form we require a brief biography of your personal, educational and work experience. We are looking for indications of your commitment to personal development and an inclusive attitude to diversity.

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    I like SC for their open minded views, simple and clear explanation of complex topics, ability to provide non-judgemental and caring space in challenging situations. Their publications are very practical and useful.

    Nik Sova

    Police & Court Interpreter

    I have really appreciated the SCs down to earth approach.  I feel more centred, grounded, connected, loving and compassionate.  I am aware of how this has also enabled me to be of greater support to others in my work and at home.

    Zoe Salveson


    It has improved my awareness of the need to care for my own state of mind as a prerequisite for working with others if I wish to be part of creating a safe environment for all to contribute their feelings, insights and ideas.

    Kitty Lloyd Lawrence

    Art Teacher, Community Activist, Charity Trustee

    My job as Chief Executive of a registered charity can be pretty stressful at times. Since learning the SC approach I have been able to take better care of myself so that the stress has a less detrimental effect on my health and wellbeing. I can now find moments of calm when under pressure. This in turn helps my family as they don’t have to duck as often! My colleagues have also noted the difference.

    Sue Knight
    CEO UK Charity

    I’d been involved with a lot of spirituality, self-development, mental and physical health over several decades, but was in a lot of physical pain, and was very hard on myself. Now I get to find out how and who I am daily, a, able to care for myself and others whole-heartedly. I’m more flexible, present in challenging circumstances, caring and compassionate with others, loving and fun.

    Willa King

    Before the course I had done lots of personal development, therapy and awareness work, but on some level life was still an effort and I was living in tension. Through the teaching of simple and accessible meditation practices the course helped me to become more grounded, more kind, more loving — more me, more of the time. It helped me to establish a daily spiritual practice of my own which I’d never really managed to do before and I learned the value and joy of service and just being kind to people.

    Pete Brown
    IT Project Manager