Spiritual Companions Educators are all experienced teachers and facilitators. They deliver either the Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness or tasters that lead into it.


Anna BianchiAnna Bianchi is a Spiritual Companions Educator. After a long career in social work she then committed to a life of holistic and personal development. With a professional training background in social work, group work, cognitive behavioural therapy, coaching and NLP, she particularly enjoys supporting women in transition.

Anna works out of Bristol and is currently preparing her Spiritual Companions offer. She welcomes enquiries.

Anna’s site can be found at
William BloomWilliam Bloom Ph.D is co-leading the development of Spiritual Companions which he founded and is a Spiritual Companions Educator. He is one of Britain’s leading teachers and authors in the mind-body-spirit field with over thirty years of practical experience, research and teaching in modern spirituality. His books include the seminal 'The Endorphin Effect' and 'The Power of Modern Spirituality' which describes and explains the Spiritual Companions approach.

William’s site can be found at
Andrea Klein Andrea Klein is a Spiritual Companions Educator, healer and mindfulness-based coach. A linguist with a background in the film industry and in secondary education, Andrea retrained extensively in mid-life and now uses healing, energy psychology, mindfulness, EFT and NLP to enable people from all walks of life to develop their spiritual and emotional literacy, empowering them to make transformative choices and deepen into Being. It is her passion to bring more spirituality and consciousness into the mainstream. Andrea's site can be found at (
Martine MoorbyMartine Moorby is a Spiritual Companion Educator with a background in Secondary Education as Head of Department. She then moved into a career of coaching and holistic wellbeing. As well as teaching Spiritual Companions courses, she teaches Reiki and Emotional Freedom Techniques. She also combines her skills and understanding in one-to-one sessions where she helps her clients and students reflect, develop their awareness and maximise their healing potential.

Martine’s site can be found at
Sarah Jane WilliamsonSarah Jane Williamson is co-leading the development of Spiritual Companions and is a Spiritual Companions Educator. Sarah Jane has in-depth experience of working in both mainstream organisations and spirituality-based cultures. She has 25 years spiritual practice based on deep consciousness and heart connection, exploring Druidism, western mystic traditions, Celtic Christianity and contemplative prayer.

Her website is
Hoppi WimbushHoppi Wimbush is the founder of the Lammas Earth Centre. She is passionate about raising consciousness through Spirituality, education, healing and Nature connection. She delivers training & consultancy for numerous organisations and runs powerful transformational healing & coaching programs (

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A group of Spiritual Companions have a private access visit to Stonehenge.

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