Downloads and Policies

Download a Word doc of the Gift Aid form: SC Gift Aid Form

Diploma Course Ofqual Spec
The full Ofqual Specification for our Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness qualification
Qual-Spec Practical Spirituality and Wellness 2018


Code of Conduct
The full SC Code of Conduct and Guidelines 2016-2019
SC Code of Conduct Feb 2018

Admissions and Cancellation Policy
SCT Admissions and Cancellation Policy Jan 2019

Assessment and Quality Assurance Policy
SCT Assessment and Quality Assurance Policy Jan 2019

Complaints Policy
SCT Complaints and Feedback Policy Jan 2019

Complaints Form
SCT Complaints Form Jan 2019

Conflict of Interest Policy
SCT Conflict of Interest Policy Jan 2019

Health and Safety Policy
SCT Health and Safety Policy Jan 2019

Internal Quality Assurance (2016 replaced by combined Assessment and QA Policy 2019 – see above.)

Reasonable Adjustments Policy

Safeguarding Guidelines
SCT Safeguarding Guidelines Jan 2019

Students Appeals Policy
SC Appeals Policy 2019

Students Data Protection
SC Trust Students Data Protection 2018

Students Rights and Responsibilities
SC Student Rights and Responsibilities 2019 V3


Circle Guidelines
Circle Guidelines April 2015

Facilitating Groups
Facilitating Groups – handout 2016