Diploma Resources


Required reading

Course text book:
The Power of Modern Spirituality, William Bloom. London. Piatkus. 2011

At least one issue of Crossroads the journal of Duke University’s Center for Spirituality, Theology and Health

Spiritual Companions Guidelines, Professional Guidelines and (insurance) Agreement

Code of Conduct:
Spiritual Companions and Caregivers Code of Conduct

40-page Secrets booklet:
Secrets of Spiritual Health 40pp PDF 

16-page booklet “Spirituality & Mental Health: Understanding Extreme Spiritual States & How to Care for Them”
Spirituality & Mental Health

Create Sacred Space Handout
GLA21 Create Sacred Space

Ofqual Spec (There is suggested reading for each Unit of the qualification)
The Full Ofqual Specification for the Course

Recommended reading
Recommended Reading List

Home Group Instructions
Home Group Instructions 2021


Slideshow, Video and Audio

PDF of Spirituality & Medicine slide show:
Science&Spirituality Slideshow Feb 2022

 Secrets of Spiritual Health Self-Guided Videos

Secrets of Spiritual Health Audio


Extra Resources

Science and Method

For a review and papers on the latest research (February 2022) see this edition of Brain, Behavior and Immunity

Religiosity / Spirituality and Mental health
For an academic review that explores the value and also the differences between religiosity and spirituality: Kirby Reutter, Religious and Spiritual Coping, Reutter, 2012.

The Impact of Spirituality on Mental Health – A Review of the Literature 
For a pdf of the 40pp booklet written by Dr Deborah Cornah for the Mental Health Foundation in 2006 click here


Diverse Resources

Observation sheets:
GLA21 Obs form Milestone 2 Final

Rachel Remen: Helping Fixing Serving doc
Rachel Remen HelpingFixingServing

‘Soaking’ – Other Words:
Appreciating — Basking — Floating —Luxuriating —  Merging — Resting — Savouring — Wallowing

Whole Body Listening
Google ‘whole body listening’ images. Useful posters. Such as this one:


More Resources

Students, colleagues, tutors — to add relevant resources please email them to William
Always include a one-sentence description and the URL.