CFI Level 3 Diploma in Spiritual Coaching & Caregiving


Experiential and Deeply Practical

The UK’s pioneering accredited vocational course

Ofqual Register Qual No: 601/8673/2 Sector Subject Area: Health and Social Care


This qualification is the core offer of the Spiritual Companions Trust. It is the only Ofqual registered UK vocational qualification in spiritual coaching.

Originally developed as a Masters qualification we then made a careful, strategic decision to progress this course as a vocational diploma. Our focus therefore is on experiential practice, avoiding the risk of academic detachment, and ensuring inclusive relevance to the widest possible learner and practitioner backgrounds. Unpaid carer to senior medic, traditional faith or no faith, we seek to develop your personal practice so that it serves others. This qualification is for everyone, regardless of status or educational background.

• You will clarify and develop your own approach to spirituality and the practices that support your health and wellbeing.
• At the same time you will develop the skills of spiritual coaching and compassionate care so that you can better support others.

It gives you access to be formally listed on the UK Register of Spiritual  Coaches & Caregivers.



– Qualification on Ofqual Register.
– Places you on the UK Register of Spiritual Coaches & Caregivers
– Value added to your CV — access to voluntary and paid pastoral care work.
– Deep and practical skills for one-to-one and group work. Compassion and care in action.
– Cooperate with and work in multidiscipline care teams.
– Integrate ‘spiritual emergency’ into mental health care.
– New life and communication skills for all your roles.
– Clear referral pathways.
– Further training/CPD available.
– Meets the needs of the growing spiritual-but-not-religious community, at the same time serving people of all faiths and none.

Your offer and service

– Compassionate and reassuring accompaniment through co-presence and whole body listening.
– Enable meaning and wellbeing through supporting others to discern their spiritual path.
– Skilful healing and therapeutic presence when others are in spiritual confusion and distress.
– Support healthcare professionals with expert knowledge of spiritual elements.


– Study and share with like-minded souls.
– Inclusive. Diverse. Visionary. Pioneering.
– Compassion in action. Healing presence.

Personal Development 

– More connection, compassion and consciousness.
– Life-long strategies to support your own health, wellbeing and relationships.


– Honours the jewels in all traditions.
– Person-centred: What works best for you? What works best for others?
– Celebrates diversity. Empowering and enabling.


– Integrates mind-body-spirit.
– Emotionally literate.
– Grounded and practical.
– Theory and science of spirituality and wellbeing.


Experienced and supportive tutors.

Course Content – Four Units

1.  Person Centred Spiritual Practice
2.  Reflective Practice and Self-Awareness in the Context of Spiritual Development
3.  Science and Context
4.  Spiritual Care in Practice

This is a 400-hour course with 90 hours of classroom contact delivered over nine months. The other hours are spent in study, practice and discussion in small groups.

The qualification is Ofqual-regulated and awarded by CFI.
You can view the full specification for the qualification — click here



Assessment is done via an online portfolio system so you must have a computer or tablet and internet connection.
You will be asked to write short reflective pieces and mini-essays.
You must be able to attend all sessions; and also be available for three tutorial sessions and eight meetings in a small supportive ‘home group.’ (The timing of tthese dates will be arranged with you.)
If you do not already have one, you are expected to conduct a daily spiritual wellbeing practice, which is part of our first Unit of learning.


The fee for the course will be in the region of £2800.


Places are limited so to place your name on the top of our list please contact our administrator click here. We will then inform as soon as dates and fees are firmed up.

I highly recommend this course for several reasons. The extra time for mediation I was doing during the course made a huge difference to my spiritual development and peace of mind. Compassionate listening that we were regularly doing during the course boosted my resilience (and now there is research confirming this health benefit). the tutors’ wisdom and expert spiritual mentoring were practical, clarifying and invaluable. After the course, I’ve realised that that one year was one of my best years. I was in the flow state most of the time, and everything worked well in my life (personal and professional). I’ve understood clearly that spiritual/transpersonal development can shift personal issues in a very efficient, elegant way and with ease, almost automatically. Many of my personal issues just disappeared because I’ve shifted to a mode of Being (as opposed to becoming). By going beyond myself, many blessings followed naturally and spontaneously. I attribute many of these benefits to this course – one of the best investments in spiritual and personal development. I’m eternally grateful. Thank you.

Jan Cisek

Environmental Psychologist, London

I like SC for their open minded views, simple and clear explanation of complex topics, ability to provide non-judgemental and caring space in challenging situations. Their publications are very practical and useful.

Nik Sova

Police & Court Interpreter

I have really appreciated the SCs down to earth approach.  I feel more centred, grounded, connected, loving and compassionate.  I am aware of how this has also enabled me to be of greater support to others in my work and at home.

Zoe Salveson


It has improved my awareness of the need to care for my own state of mind as a prerequisite for working with others if I wish to be part of creating a safe environment for all to contribute their feelings, insights and ideas.

Kitty Lloyd Lawrence

Art Teacher, Community Activist, Charity Trustee

My job as Chief Executive of a registered charity can be pretty stressful at times. Since learning the SC approach I have been able to take better care of myself so that the stress has a less detrimental effect on my health and wellbeing. I can now find moments of calm when under pressure. This in turn helps my family as they don’t have to duck as often! My colleagues have also noted the difference.

Sue Knight
CEO UK Charity

I’d been involved with a lot of spirituality, self-development, mental and physical health over several decades, but was in a lot of physical pain, and was very hard on myself. Now I get to find out how and who I am daily, a, able to care for myself and others whole-heartedly. I’m more flexible, present in challenging circumstances, caring and compassionate with others, loving and fun.

Willa King

Before the course I had done lots of personal development, therapy and awareness work, but on some level life was still an effort and I was living in tension. Through the teaching of simple and accessible meditation practices the course helped me to become more grounded, more kind, more loving — more me, more of the time. It helped me to establish a daily spiritual practice of my own which I’d never really managed to do before and I learned the value and joy of service and just being kind to people.

Pete Brown
IT Project Manager