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Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness

Ofqual Register: Crossfields Institute Level 3 Diploma in Practical Spirituality and Wellness –  Qual No: 601/8673/2 Sector Subject Area: Health and Social Care 

This is the UK’s first mainstream accredited vocational course in spirituality.
The course is delivered over 16 days, which can be organised as 8 weekends, 4 x 4 days, or 16 single days. See individual centres’ web pages for schedules.

 London — March 2020

Harrogate — September 2021

Glastonbury — September 2020 

Findhorn College — October 2020

Lammas Ecovillage — January 2021


Personal Development 
More Connection, compassion and consciousness.
Life-long strategies to support your health, wellbeing and relationships.

Study and share with like-minded souls.
Inclusive. Diverse. Visionary. Pioneering.
Compassion in action. Healing presence.

Qualification on Ofqual Register.
Value added to your CV.
Deep and practical skills for one-to-one and group work. Compassion and care in action.
# spirituality # health # mindfulness # wellbeing
Spiritual ’emergency’ and mental health
Become a registered Spiritual Companion and Spiritual Health Mentor/Coach
Further training and certification available:  • Teach Meditation • Celebrancy

Honours the jewels in all traditions.
Person-centred: What works for you? What works for others?
Welcomes diversity. Empowering and enabling.

Integrates mind-body-spirit.
Emotionally literate.
Grounded and practical.
Science of spirituality and health.

Experienced facilitators/tutors who walk their talk.


Course Content – Four Units

1.  Person Centred Spiritual Practice 
2.  Reflective Practice and Self-Awareness in the Context of Spiritual Development
3.  Science and Context
4.  Spiritual Care in Practice

You can view the full Ofqual Spec for the qualification — click here



Assessment is done via an online portfolio system so you must have a computer or tablet and internet connection.
You will be asked to write short reflective pieces and mini-essays.
You must be able to attend all sixteen days (organised as weekends, clusters of four days and single days depending on the centre) and be available for online contact in between.



Before the course I had done lots of personal development, therapy and awareness work, but on some level life was still an effort and I was living in tension. Through the teaching of simple and accessible meditation practices the course helped me to become more grounded, more kind, more loving — more me, more of the time. It helped me to establish a daily spiritual practice of my own which I’d never really managed to do before and I learned the value and joy of service and just being kind to people.’ Pete Brown, IT project manager


Overall, the course was a blessed, safe oasis giving me time and space to be and reflect, empty and stretch, expand and deepen connection and spiritual practice. It was a blessing too to learn and share with the same group of peers on a regular basis. Alongside this, the commitment of an ongoing rhythm and group accountability and encouragement were invaluable. The holistic nature and breadth of the material covered in a spirit of exploration with a warm, generous, experienced facilitator transparently consolidating alongside us. And of course, a wonderful opportunity and gift of practising spiritual companionship and embodiment.’ Ila Mazumdar, primary school teacher


‘This course taught me to fully connect with my higher self and the universe around me. It has enabled me to develop a daily practice of connecting with the wonder and richness of life, which has in turn hugely enhanced my wellbeing and the wellbeing of those around me. My spiritual development was on the ‘back burner’. It is now fully on the ‘front burner’ and has become embedded in me as part of my daily life. This course fundamentally changed my life for the better on many levels.’ Diana Brown, administrator


What I got from the course was a beautiful deepening into spiritual practice leading to a far clearer idea of how this can be of service. I now find myself very comfortable sitting with pretty much anyone and simply being with them, with their beauty and with their difficulties. As a few more layers of my own pretense have been stripped away I can meet others from a more real and loving place. And I guess I also developed a quieter confidence in my own spirituality. What a wonderful experience!’ Phil Roberts, leadership facilitator, coach and mentor


Support & Advice

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A group of our graduates have a private access visit to Stonehenge.

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