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Post-Surgery Pain Reduced by Prayer

An interesting research paper published in Iran described an experiment conducted with 160 Muslim women who had recently undergone C-section under spinal anaesthesia. Half of the group listened to 20 minutes of a recited prayer meditation using headphones. The other...

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Four Guidelines for Carers

First published in early Spring 2024. As I wrote this I could finally feel the bubbling energies of spring. It had been a long cold winter in the British Isles and it was lovely to feel a warmth on the breeze.   But even as the weather becomes warmer people are...

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When your spiritual connection has vanished

Recently, I have been in what I can only call a “connection funk", my spiritual connection feels like it has vanished. Every evening, I put my son to bed and then come downstairs to lie down on the lounge floor and stretch my neck on my neck wedge, using this time to...

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Self-Care for Medics

Preventative Medicine and the Inner Smile This is a chapter I wrote for Andrew Tresidder’s book for doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals Health and Self-Care: Inner Balance for an Effective Life for Health Professionals.  You can download a full PDF of...

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Meditation Does Not Require a Silent Mind

One of the most helpful insights I ever heard from a meditation teacher is this: There are two types of meditator. Those who require a silent mind. And those who do not. I was in my early twenties, just beginning my meditation practice, and was confused because my...

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Mainstream Statements that Include Spirituality

People who are engaged or interested in spirituality often think that mainstream thinking is hostile to spirituality. But do some research and you will be surprised by the number of authoritative bodies that publicly assert the value of spirituality. They may not be...

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Polyvagal Theory and Emotions

Like many folk I hugely benefit from talk therapy. It helps me understand who I am. It clarifies how I navigate my relationships and my work. But for mental and emotional pain, I benefit more from body-oriented therapies — becoming aware of the actual physical...

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Spiritual Caregiving Is All Around Us

  Today I went to a small family gathering. My grandad was there, as was his very close friend. There are some things you should know about my Grandad and his friend. He is 97yrs old, has a Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis and was relatively self-reliant until a...

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