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Polyvagal Theory and Emotions

Like many folk I hugely benefit from talk therapy. It helps me understand who I am. It clarifies how I navigate my relationships and my work. But for mental and emotional pain, I benefit more from body-oriented therapies — becoming aware of the actual physical...

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Spiritual Caregiving Is All Around Us

  Today I went to a small family gathering. My grandad was there, as was his very close friend. There are some things you should know about my Grandad and his friend. He is 97yrs old, has a Lewy Body Dementia diagnosis and was relatively self-reliant until a...

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Evidence for the Health Benefits of Spirituality

Many people may ask why nurturing ours and others Spiritual connection is important. Or why health and social care settings should be considering their patients' spiritual health. Well, in 2022, JAMA the journal of the American Medical Association published further...

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What is Spiritual Health?

You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover,’ sang rock n’ roll pioneer, Bo Diddley. These words were acutely relevant to me when I was a young man learning yoga and simultaneously working with the severely disabled. On one side of my life there were these toned,...

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